• Eggless cakes and cakes baked with gluten free flour.

    We bake all our cakes in-house. We occasionally bake with gluten free flour and bake an excellent moist eggless chocolate cake. Please contact us to find out when we we will be baking your favourite!!



  • Baked Sweet Potato with freshly made Houmous

    We are proud to be the only in-house Leisure Centre cafe in the area offering baked sweet potato as an alternative to jacket potatoes and soon will be offering roasted sweet potato wedges for the kids to replace unhealthy chips.

    These are availabe as a special and vary week to week.



  • Memories of childhood

    As a child I grew up eating foods from all over the World. Little did I realise that those foods which were once considered as a Third World food are now being served in top restaurants at a premium.

    My favbourite were Fava Beans (aka Foul medammes) served with chopped tomato, cucumber, boiled egg, corriander, cumin onion and drizzled with fresh lemon and oive oil.




    I know what you are thinking however there are good reasons for us no longer serving chips.

    Besides the cleaning and Health & Safety issues with having a fryer we are steering to a healthier and more coffee shop sytle offering.

    As nice as they are we have asked customers their thoughts and a common response is ' if chips are served I'll have them, if not then I'll buy a packet of crisps or have some salad.

    It was reassuring to hear the comments from mum's who welcomed the decision.

    So overall the response is good and you will adapt to a healthier alternative!!





    One thing I hate about pizza home delivery is the wait (which is understandable), wafer thin toppings and they are not cheap (however cheap we think they are).

    I have banned my kids from ordering pizza at home so here is what you need.

    Wraps, the rest of the ingredients you probably have in the food cupboard.

    For the tomato salsa try using a few tablespoons of tomato paste, oregano, few squirts of ketchup, little vinegar and enough hot water to get the consistency you want. Remember, you can simply use just ketchup so experiment with what you have.

    For the tastiest topping try: thinly sliced onions, roasted peppers and grated cheese, (mature if yiou have). That's it.

    Heat a frying pan until hot and heat a wrap on both sides until stiff, don't worry if it burns slightly.

    Remove from the pan.

    Add the salsa, spreading all the way round to the edge.

    Place ingredients on top and heat in either a preheated oven, placing pizza directly on the shelf or in a preheated grill.

    If using the grill it will take a minute or so and be careful it doesn't burn.

    That's it.



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