One thing I hate about pizza home delivery is the wait (which is understandable), wafer thin toppings and they are not cheap (however cheap we think they are).

    I have banned my kids from ordering pizza at home so here is what you need.

    Wraps, the rest of the ingredients you probably have in the food cupboard.

    For the tomato salsa try using a few tablespoons of tomato paste, oregano, few squirts of ketchup, little vinegar and enough hot water to get the consistency you want. Remember, you can simply use just ketchup so experiment with what you have.

    For the tastiest topping try: thinly sliced onions, roasted peppers and grated cheese, (mature if yiou have). That's it.

    Heat a frying pan until hot and heat a wrap on both sides until stiff, don't worry if it burns slightly.

    Remove from the pan.

    Add the salsa, spreading all the way round to the edge.

    Place ingredients on top and heat in either a preheated oven, placing pizza directly on the shelf or in a preheated grill.

    If using the grill it will take a minute or so and be careful it doesn't burn.

    That's it.




    Ellie our main baker has been busy with Halloween cakes.




    This is an inexpensive, flavoursome, quick and healthy dish to make. Although very popular in Greece, the name probably indicates it originates from Turkey.

    You will need:

    3 courgettes, 2 aubergines, 1 or 2 potatoes, 2 large red onions, 1 large red or green pepper, 1-2 teacups of olive oil; 1 tin chopped tomatoes.


    1 Slice vegetables into thick 1/2 inch cuts (potatoes slightly thinner);

    2. Place into oven dish, pour over oil, tomatoes and season.

    3. Mix well.

    4. Add a little hot water.

    TIP: Do not be afraid to use this much olive oil, this dish needs it.

    Cook for about 90 minutes or until cooked.

    Every 30 minutes, check and toss if necessary to ensure even cooking and add some more water if necessary.

    Like with most dishes, you can add parsley or whatever else you like.

    Serve with crusty bread & Feta Cheese.



  • Aspire Bake Off

    A big thank you to all those who entered and congratulations to young Alfie the winner and the runner ups.




    Ellie started with us having just turned 16 and was our second apprentice intake onto the NVQ Apprenticeship Scheme.

    Since then she has completed her first NVQ Level 2 in Food Preparation and is now studying for her Supervisory NVQ which she is due to complete within the next 8 months.

    Her interest and enthusiasm in baking has earned her the the responsibility for ensuring our cakes are baked daily and is always looking for new cake ideas to please our customers.

    Ellie has come a long way in her personal and professional development and she is a keen and important member to the Basilian team.



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